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Vigram.A not detected by McAfee?

Hi all,

I scan my windows 10 system with McAfee Total Protection every week and have never found a threat. Just recently I decided to scan my PC windows 10 with "windows defender", and it found "Vigram.A" in win32 folder.

After one week, I did the same with the same result. It's been several weeks with the same results. A search in the web classifies this program as a dangerous virus.

Has anyone else had this issue.

Should I be concerned?

How does it transmit?

Would it be included into McAfee virus database?

Best regards,


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Re: Vigram.A not detected by McAfee?

Install getsusp and submit the file via that program.


See what they say. Ensure you add your email to the preferences of getsusp.

Also scan the file with and see what the result is. post the details of the scan here please