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Storm Worm - Reactivating with e-cards and postcards as bait

Folks should continue to delete any of these humorous e-cards without visiting the malicious website. Most likely it'll take a day or two for AV vendors to fully protect against these new attacks.

Storm Worm - Reactivating with e-cards and postcards as bait

QUOTE: We haven't seen new Storm sites since the spam run they did over Valentine's Day… until early this morning. Right now they are sending a wide variety of humorous e-cards and postcards ...


Subject Line
Your ecard joke is waiting
You have an ecard
We have a ecard surprise
Someone Just sent you an ecard
Did you open your ecard yet
ecard waiting for you
Open your ecard
new ecard waiting
Now this is funny
online greeting waiting
sent you an ecard

laughing Funny Card
You have been sent a Funny Postcard
You have been sent the Funny Ecard
original Funny Card
Someone Sent you this Funny Ecard
your funny postcard
original Funny Postcard
sent a Funny Postcard
personal funny postcard
laughing funny postcard