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Ransomware attacked PC

My PC was hit by a ransomware while downloading something. I actually ignored some warnings and lost all the data. They asked for a lot of bitcoins (Not a lot but with this current price of bitcoin its a huge amount.) So I decided to just format the PC and lost all of my data. I never want it to happen. But I can't stop downloading things from shady sites too. So I want to know if there is anything that can be done from the service provider's side. I use the business internet connection provided by a majot telecommunications company. So if there anything I can ask my service provider to do for better protection do tell me.

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Re: Ransomware attacked PC

Some thoughts and moved to a more appropriate forum

I as a user follow this method not traveling on suspect sites though I have got a popup or 3 warning you are infected blah blah. Do not click on anything but shut the PC down immediately as the X can be taken as a yes.

Reboot into safe mode with networking and scan with several scanners

Normally this would stop you getting infected but if you do get infected I do weekly backups to another drive and copy these backups monthly to an external drive that is only connected and turned on during copying so I would lose 1 mth max. You can backup to the drive every 2 days but the drive should be disconnected as the malware can I assume encrypt the external drive as well.

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Re: Ransomware attacked PC

Raymond, sorry for your loss. In addition to being cautious while browsing the web, make it a habit copying your valuable data once/month to an external drive. By doing such, you are protecting your data from future attack and also from possible computer hardware failure.