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My domain has been blacklisted


I've tried to find an answer online for days but I have no idea how to get my domain re-checked.


It's been blacklisted by McAfee but all the other domain authorities have marked it 'clean'.


I've run a number of Malware scanners and have yet to detect any issues (apart from the McAfee tool).


Is there an online tool from McAfee that will re-scan my domain?


BTW, the domain is


Many thanks.



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Re: My domain has been blacklisted

I have the same issue. How can I delist / change the category of a false positive?

Re: My domain has been blacklisted

Regretably I suspect that no one from McAfee checks these pages.

I logged this issue weeks ago without any response.

The site is still blacklisted but only on McAfee - every other authority states that it's OK!



Re: My domain has been blacklisted

Go to this site (yes, its part of McAfee):

and enter the URL in question.   The next screen (the response) will give you the option to request review/re-categorization by McAfee researchers.