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Gti proxy [configure proxy]

Does any oneknow that wheter Gti proxy can configure proxy or not?. If it can How can i do it.?

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Re: Gti proxy [configure proxy]

Moved to GTI group, as this is not an ePO question.

Re: Gti proxy [configure proxy]

If you are asking if you are capable of using an HTTP proxy to analyze the content of the GTI communication stream then no, you cannot do that.  Both the client is authenticating with the server, and the server is authenticating with the client, so a standard man-in-the-middle like a HTTP proxy will not allow someone to hijack the content.  If you are using a proxy then the data for the GTI lookup will need to be passed through without modification and without attempts by the intermediate proxy to authenticate.


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Re: Gti proxy [configure proxy]


GTI proxy is finally End-Of-Life. So, from my point of understanding the best way is replacing GTI Proxy with TIE.