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Google Images : search results poisoned

For a few weeks now it has been known that Google Images has been unsafe to use. The criminals who disseminate malware have found a way to lure unsuspecting users into visiting sites hosting their malware by hiding links to those sites behind the front-ranking images displayed in Google Images Search. Click on an image on the first screen displayed, and you are quite likely to end up somewhere different from the site you thought you were going to. By the time you realise what's happened, your PC is probably infected.

There are several articles about this : read

- Krebs on Security,  "Scammers Swap Google Images for Malware"

- Sans Internet Storm Center, "More on Google image poisoning"

Edit - Brian Krebs (his blog is at used to write for the Washington Post. He strongly recommends two things :

1. Disable Java; and

2. Install NoScript if you're using Firefox.

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