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Gas Spam Emerges - Can you really save 70 cents per gallon?

:eek: Daily, I'm receiving numerous copies of "gas spam". These messages typically claim a savings of 70 cents per gallon if you subscribe to the special product or solution.

Folks must avoid selecting any links in spam messages to avoid any potential for spyware or viruses. This includes even opting out of future emails. Spammers rarely honor opt out requests, and it actually validates they have an active clean email address.

The best practice is to line all these messages up in the in-box and delete them without opening them. There are no free lunches on the Internet. Always avoid email messages where claims are made that seem too good to be true.

Gas Spam Emerges - Can you really save 70 cents per gallon?

QUOTE: In my role as an anti-spam researcher I get to see a lot of spam. Most of the spam I see can be categorized into a fairly small range of spam types. Common examples include pharmacy, stock and watch spam. Over the last few weeks I have seen a new type of spam. This is spam which is trying to sell a product to save money on gas.