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Botnet CnC Servers, by Country

Benjamin Cruz (McAfee, Research Manager) posted to his blog ( ) and listed the top ten countries that are host to Botnet CnC servers. He also posted a great map of the world, with datapoints indicates the numbers of servers by country. I suppose for ease of reference I'll reproduce his list here:

  1. United States – 631
  2. British Virgin Islands- 237
  3. Netherlands – 154
  4. Russia – 125
  5. Germany – 95
  6. Korea – 81
  7. Switzerland – 77
  8. Australia – 63
  9. China – 48
  10. Canada – 38

For the first time, I tried to make a reply to the blog post, but, after filling out the form and the captcha, I was sent to an error msg screen that says, "You are posting too quickly - slow down". So assuming that if one attempt is one too many, the blog may have comments turned off, I thought I'd post my reply in this community!

I can't quite tell from the map where all the data points are. Does anyone know where I can get a fuller text list of the data?

And... if anyone at McAfee is feeling partiuclarly awesome, a tally of all servers seen in 2012 and their country? And the same again for 2011 and 2010 if data is available.

On the map on the linked blog post above it looks like "Korea" as listed is North Korea - but can anyone confirm this?

Great thanks to anyone who knows how to contact someone to ask about this, and to anyone who knows how to ask

Benjamin Cruz these questions, as it is him I had in mind when I tried to reply to his blog.


Vexen Crabtree

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