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Are Facebook games safe?

I purchased McAfee Total Protection 2011 today and am scanning my computer for threats.  The previous online security software I was using was not working as well as it should have, so I kept getting hit with trojans and viruses.  I'm wondering if Facebook games could be the culprit.  Do you know if Facebook games are safe, or do they pose a threat to your computer?  We mainly play Cafe World, Farmville, and CityVille.  Thanks.
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Re: Are Facebook games safe?

I know that you are safe.

If there was any virus's or trojans on facebook games, there would be haywire, Zynga would get sued, facebook would be in the frame about how they could let Zynga and other game companies do this.

All 3 of those games are by Zynga, and would not contain any malicious content.

Their might only be tracking cookies, Like Ad.Yieldmanger.

But they can easily be blocked.

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