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Renewed All Access, received LiveSafe

I have All Access installed with expiry September 19, 2018. I wanted to renew the subscription for 2 years and have not a different product, LiveSafe, with expiry July 21, 2020 instead of All Access with expiery September 19, 2020. 

I do not want different software, I want to renew the existing one for all my devices. Unfortunatly the Customer Service is not available out side Office hours and I am not willing to take time off to resolve this. How do I proceed?

Roland Ammann

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Re: Renewed All Access, received LiveSafe


In diesem Fall bitte kontaktieren Sie uns telefonisch , damit wir den Fall live besprechen. Dieserweise können wir schneller eine passende Lösung finden. Unsere Kostenfreien vom Festnetz Telefonnummern sind:
Deutschland: 069 6640 4330 Austria: 017 9087 5810 Schweiz: 02 2310 1033 Luxembourg: 040 6661 5670

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



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