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iPAD PDF display problem


We noticed a big problem with our iPads and PDF attachments in combination with McAfee EMM 12. As anyone who uses iPad (iOS) probably knows, iPad Mail app downloads messages above certain size in plain text. User can scroll to the end of message and click download full message. User can always download attachment, regardless of message being downloaded as plain text.

Problem scenario:

- Mail account configured through McAfee EMM 12

  • If message contains PDF attachments and message is downloaded in plain text, PDF attachment are displayer with parts of text missing and lot of formatting lost.
  • If user clicks "Download full message" on that same message and that opens PDF attachment, everything is displayed correctly.

- Mail account configured with direct access to Exchange server

  • PDF attachment is displayed correctly, regardless of whether message is download in plain text or full.

EMM version is 12.0, Proxy, Hub and ePO are on different servers. iOS version of iPads is 7.1.1

Can anyone help us with this problem or reproduce it?

Thanks, msm

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