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iOS 7 and EMM features


Any news about features to manage new iOS7 functionnality trough McAfee EMM v11 ?

For exemple restrictions for :

  • The new control center
  • AirDrop functionnality
  • ITunes Radio & Music
  • iOS in the car
  • etc...

Thanks a lot.

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Re: iOS 7 and EMM features

I am running EMM 11.0 on IO7 devices and I can't control any of this. It would be nice to be able to. You can control these through the restrictions settings on each device, however this isn't very efficient, having to touch each device. I come from a world where we don't allow BYOB it's only corporately owned devices.

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Level 7

Re: iOS 7 and EMM features

Maybe it's possible to configure these settings with iPhone Configuration Profiles from the iPhone configuration utility.

In EMM you can put the config files into an application package and push it to the phones.

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