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iOS 5 and policy updates

I have an issue the appears to be with only iOS 5 devices.  Any time I do a policy update, iOS 5 devices will lose their connection to sync.  This isn't 100^%, there have been a couple times when a deivce continued to sync after a policy update but that is the exception.

I created a policy and set membership with 4 iOS 5 device users. Previous to the 9.7 fix, these devices would get a duplicate mail account when the policy is published, now the connection the server is just lost.

I've tested this many times, with the 9.7 fix, now with the latest device catalog but the issue persists. 


iOS 5 devices running, syncing fine

MDM Policy update

iOS 5 device will display unable to connect to server

waited 20 minutes at least on all devices, problem remains.

go to app, run "update configuration"

device returns to normal sync.

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Re: iOS 5 and policy updates

I've also found this. Turns out it just removes the Exchange password. Instead of doing the whole 'update configuration' process you can just re-enter password in Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars but still very annoying because can't push policy updates out to people without really irritating them!

I still get the duplicate mail account on some devices though - what is the 'fix' you refer to? Is that separate to just the 9.7 update because we already have 9.7 installed.

Re: iOS 5 and policy updates

In your downloads, after you click on 9.7, there is a seperate file EMM97Patch1 file. 

Re: iOS 5 and policy updates

Thanks for that. Was looking in release notes for the patch and it just seems to relate to detecting rooting in Android devices. Were there other fixes too then - i.e. has the duplicate email issue definitely gone for you now then? I have to say it doesn't reliably occur for us, just every so often. I think we need a 9.8 to do 9.7 properly.

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Re: iOS 5 and policy updates

We've had a lot of issues it seems with iOS5 and policy updates, duplicate profiles, jailbreak detection, password being cleared from mail account.

Has anyone been able to find the root cause or are you all waiting for the next v10 to come out? Thanks, J

Re: iOS 5 and policy updates

We're on 10 experiencing this issue now.  Calling mcafee on Monday.  Will report back.