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discuss about my EMM's problem

Hi All,

I'm try to configulation ePO+EMM in my internal network (devices and AD connected same).

I install ePO and EMM on different server. I install EMM in single server type. I create a MDM certificate

from certificate request file from Deployment Helper and I use "self-sign" SSL certificate for this configulation.

Now I have problem on :

- Android = It's show "We're unable to set up McAfee Secure Container. Please try again later."

on McAfee Secure Container app, but on McAfee EMM I'm ready to log in before open the

McAfee Secure Container. But can lock, unlock, wipe, wipe corporate data on some devices. - -"

- iOS = Can't log in on EMM Agent. Orz

- Windows Phone = Can't log in, show error problem about certificate. Orz

Question - In EMM installation "must" use trusted SSL certificate, or not?

Thank you for your suggestion, answer, guideline and all!

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