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Unable to edit/open attachments in Secure Container

Hi there,

I am trying to open and edit attachments from email in Secure Container.

Currently there are no option to do so via the build in viewer.

So I've change the policy and selected the below option:

"Allow opening attachments from McAfee Secure Container in other programs "

However I cannot find way to open the attachments in other applications.

The only option for the attachments that I can see is the View button.

When I press it it open the file with the build in viewer.

The only file that gave me option to open it with other is zip file (maybe because the build in viewer is unable to open it)

Also this happens regardless of the above option from the policy.

So does someone know how to open the attachments with other applications in order to be able to modify them or save them on the device as a workaround?

Thank you.

Secure Container 3.0.102

EMM 12 Patch 4

Android 4.2.1

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