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Un-registered and undetected devices

I have several devices connected to EAS, going through the EMM Proxy server, that don't show up in the console.  I can run powershell cmdlets and see the devices connecting to EAS but they aren't in the console at all and aren't in the list of authorized users.

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Re: Un-registered and undetected devices

Which version of EMM do you use? Is it possible to reach the Exchangeserver from external? Can you provide us with more information about your configuration? (Dualserver, Exchangeserver) Please post the CMDlet and the output of that script.

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Re: Un-registered and undetected devices

Have you updated to the latest version of the device catalog?  If devices are not in the catalog they won’t necessarily show up.  You can download the latest version from the mcafee download site.

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