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Text message (SMS) settings, where?

In the EMM settings, I have read in the EMM product guide, that to able to send SMS's it is doine in the "Mail settings".

But where??

If I chose to send a Test SMS i'm able to chose between 5 carriers, but none of them works in my country.

AM I needed to have a modem connected or....?

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Level 7

Re: Text message (SMS) settings, where?

Ihad thesame question, but the answer from support was that it needs to be altered in sql...

not really a satisfactory answer, saying that, even after you would add a carrier,

i dontsee the mecanics of it actually sending an sms working, imean, i'd imagine you'd need an modem or sms gateway...

at some point, i actually heard a mcafee presales rep telling " Oh it will probably go through the email "

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Level 9

Re: Text message (SMS) settings, where?

Dis you finally receive an answer to the post? Or have you figured out what the problem is?

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Re: Text message (SMS) settings, where?

I can't say how to edit the carrier but I can tell you that you don't need an SMS gateway.  SMS are just sent as emails...  E.g. so when you edit the SQL you will just need to fins out what your carrier's email-to-txt address formatt is and enter it the same as the current entries.

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