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McAfee EMM server policies

Hi all!

I am working on McAfee EMM server 10.1.1.

Firstly I have successfully provisioned two mobiles devices ( One Ipad 2 and a Samsung Galaxy, Os android version 2.2) ,

And I have already configured some policies for examples:

  • -         Blocking:
  • SMS/MMS/.
  • itunes,
  • Youtube ,
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth

  • -         Black lister certaines applications
  •   Yahoo messenger
  •    Hotmail
  •    Skype
  •   Facebook

It seems that those policies are not applied except the black list notifications I see on the Ipad2 and the galaxy

Do you have an ideas? Or Can you give me some advices about ?

Thank you in advance!

emm policies.jpg

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Re: McAfee EMM server policies

Maybe the certificates dont work?

I have the opposite problem.

The general restricitions are applied but noch the blacklisted applications.

I see the blocked apps in the McAfeeEMM-App but i can still open them.

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