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McAfee EMM battery drain issue on Android 4.4.4 Google Edition / Samsung S4 i9505

When I’m in the office EMM starts draining my battery. The phone gets hot and when I look into battery consumption EMM is highest on the list. (Yesterday with 38% total battery consumption, a keep awake time of 1h33 minutes, a cpu total of 34m).

Starting time is not consistent, but seems to be limited to once a day. After a full phone reboot battery consumption gets normal again.

My setup = Android 4.4.4 Google Edition / Samsung S4 i9505 / McAfee EMM / McAfee Container 3.0.102 / connected via Office Wifi.

I only installed EMM 1 week ago, the first few days I did not encounter this problem to my knowledge (but it could be that I missed it).

I do not seem to experience any problems when on 3G or home wifi environment.

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Re: McAfee EMM battery drain issue on Android 4.4.4 Google Edition / Samsung S4 i9505

I've noticed similar problems particularly when connecting with wifi.  When you connect to a different network, if the dns address for your emm server needs to change to the local network address,  the container did not update to the new ip address unless you kill container and open it again.  An update to the server and client was supposed to fix this problem.   In our case it did fix it.   We do still have problems if a user changes his password, the battery will drain fast until the password is updated on the mobile device.  Maybe if your AD account has logon restricted hours, it might fail to authenticate and drain the battery faster, I don't know.  

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