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MDM Certificate


I can't import the MDM certificate in EMM. It keeps telling me that "The MDM Topic does not match the Apple approved format".

I think I've tried everything.

I made several Apple ID's with the right format (<company name>) but no matter what I try, still the above mentioned message.

I followed all procedures I could find on the Internet but still no luck.

Who can help me?

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Level 7

Re: MDM Certificate

I had the same issue.

This is one of the best documents on the internet i found.

Make sure you save the cert after you export it from your push server as a ".p12" file.

Creating the cert with the"name" and saving the exported cer as a ".p12", seemed to do the trick for me.

Then just click and update the "MDM" cert in settings>Certificates with the p12 file.

Hopefully that helps.

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Level 9

Re: MDM Certificate

I'm gonna try this, thanks

ps. I already used the document you mentioned, it is one of the best.

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