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Lots of EMM teething issues

Hi Everyone. I have a new EMM server that we are just running up as a proof of concept at the moment, I have a few questions that I need to get to the bottom of. Running, we have an EMM proxy in our DMZ connected to our EMM hub internally. iOS users worked out of the gate on the install from the vendor.

We plan to have users with BYO devices eventually so iOS, Android and even some Windows Mobile7. My question is while playing with the Android phones the only way I could get it to receive mail was to have the setting on the emm hub server for compliance enforcement set to disabled under general settings. Not ideal as I would prefer we were able to simply have these users cordoned off, as part of a separate policy, with a separate policy restriction just for these users based on AD group membership.

I did create a separate policy and add a group that had my test account in it to no effect, the only thing that works is disabling compliance enforcement Emm hub wide.

The Android device is running Android 2.2 stock firmware from samsung, we do have other iOS devices on there that seem to have no issue, no other Android to test with at this stage though.

  1. So I guess this question can be surmasied as can we have a non-hub wide policy to allow non-compliant devices to connect in.
  2. While setting up this android I noticed that you have to install the EMM app from the market then setup the built in Mail client, is there any plans to change this so that the EMM app sets it up for you and it only uses one licence on your EMM infrastructure?
  3. The other issue I have, is on the System Settings page and Authorised Users I am attempting to add another pilot user and it won't let me add him, I have tested and I can add someone who is on the same server and store as him, and I have checked his exchange settings with other users who are working and they are the same. I don't where to look for logs on this Hub server as there is nothing in the standard windows event logs and nothing in the EMM log.
  4. Lastly, I have finally got my Android to connect and receive mail, but it cannot send, it actually comes up with the yellow warning cannot contact server. If I hit refresh it will get any new mail but the message will remain in the outbox.

Sorry to inundate everyone, I will be talking to tech support tomorrow but I thought I would try here first.

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Re: Lots of EMM teething issues


As you said, Android devices need to logon to the application so the Admin can use MDM operations on it, and then the user need to setup the e-mail client manually. What I know Android will be able to auto configure the e-mail client, do not know in which version of EMM. There should not be a license issue when one Android device uses two licenses, also what I have heard

Some Android build-in e-mail clients is not compliant with EMM. Check the Event Viewer for events like this "Device with DeviceId = validate, User = ***, DeviceType = SAMSUNGGTI9000 is Not Compliant".

Report all these devices to McAfee Support. (My experians is like this with LG and Samsung phones)

This event is generated when you have enabled compliance enforcement.

You can use a third-part exchange application and the Android device can sync e-mail with enabled compliance enforcement. (See NitroDesk TuchDown)

1. Guess not

2. Think it is in the road map

4. Check the Event Viewer while trying


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