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Issues with Container and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  My company uses McAfee Container for e-mail.  I have dowloaded the EMM and Container app both.  The EMM app worked and set-up the configuration.  However, when I click on the Container, I get the message "Account not configured by EMM Agen" with two buttons.  One is "Configure" and the other is "Cancel."  When I click "Continue", it takes me to the EMM app to sign in.  Again, I can sign in with EMM and update configuration with no problem.  It is using the "Container" app that is the problem.  I have checked to insure that I have the most updated Android OS, EMM, and Container apps.  Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Issues with Container and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Moved from Home/Mobile to Business > Enterprise Mobility Management for better handling.

Re: Issues with Container and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

have you uploaded the Latest Device catlog?

If yes then share the event log of EMM HUB abd EMM Proxy server.

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