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Iphone EA - profile installation failed

Hi all,

I have an issue adding Apple devices to EMM

I've just setup an EMM 10.2 ( single server ) and it works fine with andriod devices and secure container, EAS enabled.

This is how far i get when adding an iphone 4 or Ipad 3 to emm;

  1. Install emm agent OK on iphone or ipad
  2. Signing in with ldap user OK
  3. update configuration OK
  4. Accept user agreement OK
  5. Install profile ( verfified 'in green') OK
  6. generating key OK
  7. enrollment OK
  8. Warning Message - Installing the profile will allow the administartor at http://........ to remotly managed you iphone etc......
  9. generating key OK
  10. enrollment OK
  11. Install profile FAILED

What did i already try;

  • SSL connection set on 'ignore client certificates' in IIS 6 OK ( default website and emm portal, EAS = require ssl )
  • Completely uninstalled emm agent on iphone and reinstalled
  • Installed portal certificate and apple certificate manually on iphone

Nothing of the above solved my problem.

All apple devices that i try to connect to the emm fails with the exact same error ( iphone 4-5, ipad 3 ).

My Configuration

  • EMM 10.2 with Patch 2
  • Latest Device catalogue OK
  • EMM Single server installation on Win2008 R2 Datacenter edition with SP1
  • IIS 6.1 ( build 7601) sp1
  • Dedicated Juniper FW with ports 433 - 2195-2196 open.

Thanks for your help!



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Re: Iphone EA - profile installation failed


There are a few possible scenarios that can cause the Enterprise activation profiles to fail to install. It could range form issues with the policy itself in EMM, SSL Portal certificate chain not fully installed in the Windows certificate store, activesync related issues, or additional IIS components installed that could be conflicting with EMM. I would suggest that you follow KB75434 and enable debug logging on the EMMPortal and EMMHub components and replicate the isuse a few times in order to capture all the data. You can then run a MER tool and contact Support to further analyze the logs and help resolve your issue.

If you don't have any users provisioned and are willing to try a solution that could potentially fix the issue... you can try to uninstall all emm components (do not delete installation directories), remove the IIS role from Windows, restart, and install EMM again. As long as you select the option to "use configuration from previous installation" all the previsous settings and database options will automatically populate and your policy settings and configurations in the database will be used. The EMM installer will install and configure EMM according to EMM specs and in many occasions this will fix these profile issues that could potentially be caused by IIS or SSL cert chain issues.



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Re: Iphone EA - profile installation failed

Hi Aj

I apologize for the late reply.

Thank you for your time and effort on this.

I did a complete reinstallation of emm and let the setup install IIS instead of installing IIS separately.

After puttying the certificates in place and configuring the FW, everything was running perfectly!

Android OK



Unfortunately I don’t know the cause, but I’m sure it was something in IIS or the communication between emm and IIS.



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Re: Iphone EA - profile installation failed

Thank you for the update Maxime. I'm glad that fixed it for you.

also I noticed a typo in my original response that probably made the response a bit confusing:

"The EMM installer will install and configure EMM according to EMM specs" should have read : "The EMM installer will install and configure IIS according to EMM specs"



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