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How to delete iPhone or Android from McAfee EMM


I try to delete mobile devices iPhones or Androids from Mcafee EMM (in ePolicy Orchestartor 5.3.1).

I delete EMM mobile app from iphone, then delete all profiles associated with EMM. Then I go to ePO and delete this mobile (from System Tree).

But after some time (about 20-40 minutes) this iphone is appear on System Tree in ePO with current LastCommunication time

In Device Details (in ePO) I see - MDM Uninstall: Completed.

If uninstall was completed why this iPhone is presented in ePO and how to remove it from ?

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Re: How to delete iPhone or Android from McAfee EMM


when deleting the item from system tree in ePO use check box "Remove agent on next agent-server communication". After the second deletion the item never appear in system tree.

You can controlling the deletion by checking columns "Compliant" and "Device status".

Hope it will be usefull for somebody.

Regards, Roman.

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