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Does anyone know if there are any plans to integrate F5 SSL VPN configurations within EMM?

Using Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility, along with the native VPN settings it is possible to deploy settings for both Juniper AND F5 configurations.  However, within EMM it appears that the only option available other than the native iOS settings is Juniper SSL VPN.  What is the reason for this and is it likely to change in a future release?

Obviously for now we can create a .mobileconfig file in iPCU and publish within iOS packages but this is not the most elegant way of doing things.

Appreciate any thoughts or feedback.



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Re: F5 SSL VPN??

Mcafee's vision is a bit behind at the moment for its EMM product. This should be a quick feature request that might help them keep allot of customers. F5s are too big to ignore.

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Re: F5 SSL VPN??

Mobileconfig, as you pointed out, is the best way to get any yet unincorporated features to work.  The best way to submit a product enhancement request is here:

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