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Exchange Mail for new IOS 6.1.2 devices not connecting

Problem: NIB iPhones with 6.1.2 will not connect to get mail after installing EMM and activating profile.

Background: We have two devices that we have just added to our network. One is an iPhone 4s and one is an iPhone 5. Prior to adding them to the network, they both had iOS 6.1.2.

     Prior to the release of iOS 6.1.2, I have not seen this problem occur with any of our phones.

     We were able to resolve the issue with the 4s by updating the device catalog which is now

     We were still unable to get mail on the iPhone 5.

     The user's profile does not appear in the list of active users as "compliant." -- I have been told this is because the device has not gone through a compliance check since it cannot reach the mailbox.

Attempts:  After finding that the catalog update did not resolve the issue with the iPhone5, we wiped the phone locally (all data and settings) and started over. We have reinstalled EMM, installed the profile, updated the profile, and verified again that there is data service both through wifi and LTE. Still, we see the same error message. "Cannot Get Mail: The connection to the server failed."

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