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EMM installation questions

Working with a client that wishes to install EMM 12.0 in the Enhanced Security Model and, having discovered the installation guide is a little vague in places, I have a few questions:

  1. The installation guide says that a 3rd party trusted certificate is needed for the Portal server, which sounds reasonable, but the Deployment Helper app (and now Support) says there's a problem with the self-signed cert in the internal hub server (Windows 2012 R2). Can anyone confirm that I need a trusted cert on the internal hub server according to McAfee KnowledgeBase - FAQs for updating SSL Certificates with Enterprise Mobility Management ?
  2. If I do need a trusted cert for the internal hub server do I generate a cert for the server's internal FQDN (eg or do I create an alias for an external FQDN (eg and generate a cert for that?
  3. Again with the Deployment Helper app, I am getting LDAP failures when using a service account, seeing "Username = {service account} is not authorised to look up email ids". What rights/permissions does this service account need in order satisfy the Deploymnet Helper app?



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