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EMM fails to configure - Android

I have a user with a Galaxy S5 version 4.4.2

  • We installed McAfee EMM
  • Accepted all user agreements
  • Clicked Secure Container through the Recommended Applications
  • Secure Container asks to configure
  • Go back and update configuration through EMM
  • When we try to logon - it states "Device Not Configured."

We tried clearing the data.

Reinstalling both apps.

Restart phone between uninstalls.

Updated configuration multiple times.

We set a screen-lock password.

Do we need to update the phone?

We have the latest version of both EMM & Secure Container (brand new phone).

Out of over 200+ phones, this has only happened to 1.

Any suggestions would help - thanks.

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Re: EMM fails to configure - Android

Hi CKeller,

There should be a secure_containerX.log in the root directory of the device. That should contain more information about why the device is failing to configure properly. feel free to post the log file here if you can't make sens of what you're seeing. I would also see if you can configure the same user on a different android device to try and isolate the issue to a device vs user account.

Thank you,


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