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EMM Sync connection problems with some users from previous child domains.

This is probably too broad of an issue to really explain so I will do my best to not be too long winded. 

Background:  Several different agencies within our county were on child domains, now all child domains have been collapsed to a single domain.  Now all users except users from one of the previous child domains can connect and sync their Apple or Droid devices with no issues.  When looking at just the users from the previous problem child domain there does not seem to be any pattern to hone in on to help identify this problem.

Current Issues:  I am one of the users from the previous child domain and I was completely unable to sync any device through EMM, but could use any device through activesync directly and work fine.  The solution we finally found for me was to backup all outlook information, delete my outlook profile, recreate and then import all the information back into it.  This allowed me to connect and sync through EMM directly.  Additionally there are several other users that are now able to connect and sync through an Apple Device but not when using a Droid device. (Droid X2 on Android 2.3.3 or 2.3.4)  Even more additionally I have users that can't connect and sync through EMM when using either type of device.  I even have one user, that for no apparent reason, just started to be able to connect and sync through EMM on his Android device.  At every earlier attempt he could not sync no matter what was done.  Then after absolutely nothing was changed to his profile or EMM, he suddenly started working, but again just him. 

I am at a complete loss of thought as to even what to look for anymore.  There does not seem to be any cohesiveness to anything in all of this.  We obviously would prefer to not start deleting everyones outlook profile and create potential problems with that, but is that our only option? 

Any suggestions appreciated.


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