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EMM - Iphone4


I have implemented the solution EMM Basic security mode (single server).

Android 2.2 can accrue through the portal and the EMM application without problems.

In the case of four iPhone can only after provision by the portal and provisioning iphone can not access more emails.

Environment:     Exchange 2007SP3 - Windows 2008 SP2 64bit

                             EMM - Windows 2003 SP2 32bits

                             GoDaddy Certificate *.

Anyone ever had this problem and can help me?

Thank you.

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Re: EMM - Iphone4

I found a strange information in the web.config file in the folder C:\program files\mcafee\emmplataform\EASfilter\TrustDigital-Server-ActiveSync.

<To enable advanced debugging of the easfilter - add these attributes to the easfilter node--->

<debug = true>



<easfilter eastimeout=10000000 responsetimeout=1200000 trustdigitalurlpath= /trustdital-server-activesync...>

<easfilter headerbasecertificate= false baseuri= eastimeout=1000000...>

This reference is default?


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Re: EMM - Iphone4

Hi, is the ActiveSync address you typed in during the installation, did you verify the connection during the installation wizard?

If you need to change ActiveSync address check this out: KB69484

Do you have the latest device catalog installed?

Does the iPhone give you some kind of error massage?

Re: EMM - Iphone4

Was mrts reply helpful?  Is this answered?

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Re: EMM - Iphone4

As this thread is a year old I've marked it as assumed answered.

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