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EMM 12.x support for Windows Phone 8.1

Hello all,

We are currently evaluating Nokia Lumia 630 mobile phone as main phone for our company workforce. Nokia Lumia 630 is running Windows Phone 8.1, and our McAfee EMM environment is EMM 12.0 with patch 1. So far we have been unsuccessful in getting Lumia 630 to sync with our Exchange server (over McAfee DMZ component). Error message that we are getting is: "Not updated … We weren't able to apply the security policy that's required by Contact your company's support person to fix the problem. Error code: 85010013." Judging by Microsoft KB article 2464593, problem seems to be that McAfee is trying to push some policy setting that phone doesn't understand. Event Viewer on EMM DMZ server shows „Unable to register a new device – DeviceId: … bla,bla …“ error.

We tried turning off every option in EMM assigned "My Default" Windows Phone policy, but it didn't help.

Is there anything else that we can do (apart from waiting for McAfee to support Windows Phone 8.1)?

Thanks, MSM

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Re: EMM 12.x support for Windows Phone 8.1

We solved this one almost immediately, but I am uncertain whether it was solved because we changed system locale on Hub server from Croatian to English (United States) and rebooted or just because of a server reboot afterwards. We changed locale because of parsing date errors in ePO logs (Orion), ePO not refreshing some data from the database (probably because of those date parsing errors) and ePO not showing certificate information from Hub database.

I can now confirm that Nokia Lumia 630 with WP 8.1 works, but management options are in our case limited to Wipe and there is not a lot of information about phone (at least compared to Android and iOS based phones).

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