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EMM 12 SCEP certificate enrollment


I've a working Dual External + Dual Internal setup. Everything works fine except SCEP enrollment.

I've setup an ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0.1 server just for EMM. I've also deployed a seperate PKI CA for Mobile Device certificates via Windows 2012 R2 and NDES is setup. I can browse to and get challenge. Which means SCEP server is also working fine.

I've registered scep server to ePolicy server and test connection succeeds as well.

But, I'm configuring iOS policy with Certificate template using E=${EmailAddress} and its not requesting certificate from server.

I dont see any traffic from epo server to certification authority. I know the policy is updating because I setup vpn, wireless profiles etc which are working fine.

I need to deploy certificates from our CA in order to provide VPN connections with certificate authentication.

I've also created a support ticket but currently its being escalated and now I'm asking for real life experience from you guys.

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards.

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Re: EMM 12 SCEP certificate enrollment

I im in the same situation actually.

Did you resolve your issue ?

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