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EMM 12.0

Has anybody heard anything about when EMM 12.0 is going to be released? I am really not happy with 11.0, but I don't want to back to 10.2 either. EMM 11.0 is a flop, the biggest complaint I have, is if you blacklist an app and a user download's it, there are no actions associated with it. Yeah their name goes on a report, big deal.

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Re: EMM 12.0

EMM 12.0 is scheduled to be released in March.  Blacklisting as an actionable policy is planned to go in this release.

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Re: EMM 12.0


That correct, tracking & reporting  an issue in EMM is worst.Except the deployment helper there is no such utility to find the DB, network, or application issue.

Eventhough to resolve basic  issue also  we have to  contact McAfee technical support team and submit MER log which takes 24 hours to check 1st level check.

McAfee Support team  never understand the severity and quality .

Guys product is not stable.

People prefer mc afee just only because its cheapest without knowing the technical issues.

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