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EMM 11 install problem with SSL certificate

Hi all,

I would like to ask you if you have any idea how to solve troubles in installation of EMM 11. I have made all steps but only portal certificate is fail. When I checked IIS site from "outside" everything seems without problem and cert is signed by CA to my address but when I want to install EMM every time (deployment helper, installation) fails on certificate.

Root and intermediate CA were imported into mmc.


Installation has 2 possible ends.

1) Add certificate like new and insert password



Choose certificate from drop down menu (known certificate) and when you click next nothing happens.


Do you have any idea what to do?

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Re: EMM 11 install problem with SSL certificate

No reply :-(

I solved problem by installing EMM 10.2.3 and upgrade to EMM 11. Problem must be somewhere in installer. I used same setup.exe for upgrade and everything was without any fail or warning.

Bad solution, but it works.

Regards to me  :-D

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Re: EMM 11 install problem with SSL certificate

Hi Guys,

I encountered this issue when installing McAfee EMM 11,

More than happy to share the solution, You need to install eachindividual certificate from your vendor after completing the certificaterequest within IIS.

Send me your email and Ill send you the how to doco if you like.

Kind Regards,


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Re: EMM 11 install problem with SSL certificate

Hi jendrst,

I installed EMM 11.0 around of 2 weeks after, this issue is caused by ssl certificate no matching with EMM memory installation wizard has. I fixed making this:

1. upload certificate pfx to IIS following this guide:

2. Cancel installation in curse (with fail or error message)

3. Start EMM Installer (setup.exe) again.

4. Follow the step by step and ready!



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