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EMM 10.2 password issues

has anyone started experiencing users AD accounts getting locked out even after updating their password on their iDevices?  We have 4 users in the past 2 weeks who are contantly (every 5-10 mins) getting locked out and we've ran a trace with our Server team and they are stating the IP that is locking out the accounts is the EMM Proxy server.

Any thoughts?



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Re: EMM 10.2 password issues

Are they updating thier password in the native interface on the iDevice?  eg, password has changed and now the mail app pops up asking for a new password?

Or are they updating their password in the EMM app?  I have experienced less issues having users update the password in the EMM app itself.

Re: EMM 10.2 password issues

they are getting the pop up thru the native Exchange interface on the device

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