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Current Issues

Hello everyone,

I am currently experiencing issues with the Samsung Mega. Device provisions and shows up in ePO but will not get past the "Enter your passcode to continue"  screen in secure container. After putting in a passcode it blinks as if it will load mail but then reverts right back to passcode screen. I see new mail show up under notifications which accurately displays the count of unread mail but never loads mailbox. I seen this behavior before when deleting a device and messing up the profile in the database.

Another issue is with KitKat Android ver 4.4.4. When changing your network/domain/exchange log in password  the EMM agent or Secure Container no longer notifies you and redirects you within the EMM programs to change the corresponding credentials on your mobile device.

Its been several weeks I been working with McAfee on the first case and on the second McAfee, after verifying the issue, stated that they do not plan on releasing a new agent to address this issue. I was hoping  a new agent would be developed to address these issues and any  new Android 5.0/Lollipop issues that might pop up.

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