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Change EMM Portal Server


I Installed a testevironment with EMM 11.0 for testing and tried to connect to it.

I unistalled emm on the console from my IPhone Device.

But when I configure EMM again on my IPhone i'm not able to enter the emm Portal Server. It connects directly to the one which was configured before after i entered Email and Password.

When I start EMM on a Device which was never connected, i'm able to enter the Portal Server after i entered my Email and Password.

Does anyone have an Idea how to resolve this Problem?

It seems that the EMM Portal Settings are still stored somewhere on my Iphone.

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Re: Change EMM Portal Server

Are your profiles removed on your iPhone?  Go to Settings -> Profiles.  Remove them before trying to provision

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Re: Change EMM Portal Server

Remove the profiles installedon the phone and reprovision,

Alternatively change the Serverrecord.

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