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Block Sending Corporate Email


Block Sending Corporate Email Via Other Email Accounts. But when i activate that restriction I still can send corporate emails from other Email accounts. Same issue for Block Third Party Apps from Using Corporate Email.

I've been testing the restriction in EMM policy for

Any Ideas?



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Re: Block Sending Corporate Email

When "Block Sending Corporate Email Via Other Email Accounts" is turned on.  It does: Prevent you from replying or forwarding email that was received to you account but changing the address to your gmail account.  This is particularly helpful if you use the single inbox  for all email and in some other situations because your default email address can accidently populate even though that's not the address that it was sent to.  This feature will not prevent you from sending email to or or any other business addresses from your personal email.  It just prevents you from doing so mistakenly.

The "Block Third Party Apps from Using Corporate Email", as it states should simply prevent any third party apps from sending email via your corporate email account.  Can you download the app on your phone, run the test and then attempt to send your results using corp email using the built in email results function on the app.

Can you confirm that this is not the way that it is functioning?

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