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Anyone know of any updates to the delays between EMM and Google C2DM?

This is the SNS update from over a month ago.  Still seeing significant delays with Android devices when issuing a Helpdesk command and haven't heard or seen any updates.  Any one have any info?

October 19, 2012

McAfee EMM C2DM Intermittent Connectivity IssuesMcAfee recently discovered an intermittent connectivity issue between Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and the Google C2DM service. This issue temporarily prevents or delays EMM from sending Push Notifications to Android devices. During this time, any MDM action sent to an Android device from the EMM helpdesk will be affected. This includes provisioning new devices.

After a period of time, typically less than 24 hours, the C2DM service again becomes available and Push Notifications resume as normal. Any Push Notifications that were queued as a result of the outage are then re-pushed by EMM. No action is required by EMM administrators or EMM mobile device users. 

McAfee and Google are investigating this issue. McAfee will send updates via the SNS service when more information is available.

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