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Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?

I'm curious to hear what the top likes and dislikes with EMM 11.0 is on this forum.   Please post your thoughts.  Feel free to email me directly if you wish.

I am especially curious who has moved onto production deployment already with EMM 11.0.


Taek Lee

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Re: Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?

EMM 11 is a brilliant stepforward for McAfee,

Managing policies and userswithin the ePO console is clear and simple compared to the many menus in EMM10.

I have been using it inproduction now for over a month.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?


I testing this version, is very easy, totally integrated with ePO and doesn't suport Bberry

In Android works fine, in iOS I tell you later.



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Re: Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?

Android does not work:

Lock -> nothing happens

Unlock: error in ePO Console "The operation failed."

Wipe Coporate Data -> nothing happens

Wipe McAfee Secure Container after failed passcode attempts works

Android McAfee Default Policy is annoying due to the fact that sometimes my defined policy is not used while first thime provisionging and it than aks for other password policy settings then defined in my policy


works at the moment fine

also you have to set "alternate emm proxy" in the policy and then reenter the proxy server set originaly in the setup.

"Use Auth Directories configuration" never worked for me, but useing the same server FQDN for the alternate emm proxy sets up email account correct on iphone / ipad

Absoult no-go:

WIFI Configuration

No WPA2 Enterprise

Only PSK

Its an enterprise product, so why is there no 802.1x / WPA2 Enterprise configuration????

product was better without full epo integration...

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Re: Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?

Regarding the lack of support for enterprise WPA and PKI:  EMM 11 represents the first full integegration of EMM with ePO.  However, not all of the features made it into this release.  We continue to sell and fully support EMM 10.2 so if PKI is needed, for example, there is a solution to use.  Enterprise WPA and PKI are on our road map for the next ePO release currently slated for Q1.

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Re: Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?

What about Support for Samsung Knox formerly Samsung Safe? Without it Android management is not very usefull, sure with it you are dependent to one company, samsung

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Re: Any EMM 11.0 Feedback?


With regards to your question/issue about the mobile actions, they should work just fine. If they are not working there maybe an issue communicating from ePO > EMM to properly send the push notifications to the device. There could be a number of things that can cause such a failure (GCM account, communication from ePO > EMM, state of the push notifier service, etc.). It would probably be a good idea to open a case with support to get the right logs and properly diagnose  your issue.



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