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database mail being blocked

We're using sql server 2005 ''database mail'.

When trying to send mails ( a test mail) or from active jobs, the event viewer logs spamkiller to reject the mail.
We''ve added sqlservr.exe, databasemail.exe etcetera to the whitelist but with no result.

What is the way to go to allow database mail to send mails using a sql server server server?

Mcafee version : 8.70 virusscanner
SQL Server 2005 SP2
Windows Server 2003 SP2
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RE: database mail being blocked

Maybe you activated "Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail" in the "Access Protection Policy / Anti-virus Standard Protection". This blocks Port 25 which is required for SMTP-mailing (we use 8.5 so the policy names may differ).

RE: database mail being blocked

Thanks for your help, this was exactly the solution !!:)
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yeap :D

worked on me too...
thx guys...
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