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USB drive on firmware v4.0.2 for SG565

I've got the McAfee SG565 UTM firewall

Last week I installed the new firmware v4.0.2 on the device and everything works great.

The only problem is -- I can no longer find where to configure the sharing/access for my attached USB hard-drive. The router sees the USB drive attached, lists is make/model and driver, but that is all. There's no option anywhere for configure the drive share name or access.

This used to work great in all the previous versions, but seems to have been left off this config??

Any help provided would be much appreciated.

2 Replies

USB drive and printer support was dropped in 4.0.2

In the 4.0.2 firmware release notes it states:

• SG565 – NAS and USB printer support is no longer available (4.0.2).

RE: USB drive and printer support was dropped in 4.0.2

Yeah, found that in the release notes a few days ago. Missed it somehow on the first read-through.

That is pretty lame and unfortunate. One of the biggest benefits this hardware offered was the USB port. Now I'll just switch to Linksys, load it with dd-wrt and throw the SG565 into the junk box somewhere.

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