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Question about OAS on Enterprise 8.5.0i

Hello i am running VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i and on the On-Access Scan Statistics page i see 33Detected items under scanning statistics, but i dont see any of the detected items being marked as Cleaned or Deleted.

So i am wondering if this is something i should be worrying about or not.

Also i have a decent amount of file actions being blocked and registry actions blocked.

I have run a complete computer on-demand scan with everything added to scan list and nothing has been detected. And i have run a scan also under safe mode and still nothing detected.
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RE: Question about OAS on Enterprise 8.5.0i

what do you see in the oas log?

console -> right click on-access scanner -> view log

RE: Question about OAS on Enterprise 8.5.0i

I see actions being done to block files, but i see nothing being done about the files being detected.
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RE: Question about OAS on Enterprise 8.5.0i

does it say that if the rules were enforced rather than report only, then this application would have been blocked?

it should list the filenames, but unless its told to act, and not just report, it will not do anything.
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