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Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

Please McAfee and McAfee Customers take a minute to read over this and add your thoughts.

First off I just want to state this is not an attempt to bash McAfee. This thread however is a list of issues I deal with on a daily basis that make managing McAfee software far more difficult than it should really be. These are items I would like to see resolved, and I know a good number of other paying customers of McAfee have the same feelings as well.

Grant Download Area

  • It's nice that all I need is my grant # to gain access, but this seems highly insecure to only use this short & easily guessable value to gain access. All that needs to be done is a single grant # be exposed to the web and someone can gain access to all of our items.
  • Continual prompting of agree/disagree at every product combined with lack of navigation listed below is tedious and time consuming.
  • Lack of usable navigation breadcrumbs makes using the grant area tedious, aggravating, and decreases customer efficiency. If you click Downloads in the crumbs or My Products - Downloads from the left it logs you out and you have to start all over again.
  • Lack of usable navigation once inside the download area provides similar frustration. Once you drill down into a product the only way back up is via the back button which throws a prompt every time about submitting your information. Because we have to check this website every day to ensure this really adds up.
  • Lack of update notifications decreases customer efficiency. I've asked numerous times when I've called in and emailed in to support and there is no means of being alerted of updates. This is really the central issue the majority of us have. Some simple and useful options could be email alerts, RSS feed, or just a page listing what's new.
  • Fragmentation of file locations not only in the grants area but across all of McAfee's resources creates frustration and decreased efficiency on customers part. Within a product there is typically Downloads, Documentation, and Patches download areas. However depending on what product you're looking at patches will be in the downloads area and not the patches, and the same with documentation. However others have them in the correct place. This doesn't even start to talk about the fragmentation of locality between the various websites and then within the patches themselves.

MySupport Portal

  • If I ever actually leave a MySupport window open anywhere on my machine it logs me out of the system even if I have the remember me checked. However if I close all of my windows it will remember me the next time I return. This includes KB articles which will time out and make me log back in again.
  • Why is the MySupport account password requirement so complex when comparatively the Grants login is so insecure?
  • Patches in the Download area are released with the "Modified" date of the date it was released for internal testing sometimes and not the day it's made available to the rest of us. I've on several occasions been looking for a patch I know is coming out to realize it's been out for a couple days. I order by Modified date and when an item has an older date it ends up farther down the list than you expect so you don't necessarily see it.
  • Same as above, a complete lack of update notifications. I have to check this website every day to look for updates.

Patch location fragmentation (issues with where patches are located)

  • Why do we have to hunt in so many places for updates? Patches end up in either the Grant or MySupport websites willy-nilly it seems. Sometimes a patch for a product will be in the MySupport portal and other times a different release will be in the Grants area. Which then falls into the issue of sometimes they end up in the Grants Downloads or Grants Patches.
  • The lack of notifications requires us as customers to check these sites on a constant basis. I personally look at both of them daily, and this requires a good chunk of time because of the issues already listed.
  • What prompted me finally writing all of this out is we've now discovered patches/hotfixes that are only referenced from KB articles. So now we have a 3rd source that is updated constantly that we have to search through in order to find updates. This particular thread is the one that spawned this.
  • As of this writing the mentioned hotfix in that thread is still not in the MySupport portal downloads area.
  • How is 3 sources of patch locations beneficial to customers?

Patch fragmentation (issues within the patches themselves)

  • The way ePO makes things nice and clean is wonderful. I like downloading a zip file and then just checking it in not having to open the file and move items around. However this then creates an issue of assuming you never have to open the zip file to hunt for other components. It also makes it very inconvenient and as we've seen makes customers miss patches.
  • With the last several patches for VSE 8.7 for example have greatly shown this issue. VSE 8.7 P1 had within it a zip file that within it contained a patch file beyond that of P1 which you had to install after installing P1. For over a month there was no mention of this in the documentation until we fussed about it enough on the forum. How is a customer supposed to know to open an application zip to then decompress all the zips inside of it hunting for more patches? ePO does not properly report back these sub-hotfix patch numbers by default too making it harder to tell if a machine is properly patched.
  • Extension files are willy-nilly either buried in the zip file of a patch or as a separate download. Sometimes you have to download them separately or you just have to know to dig inside of the package file to pull them out. I'm already checking the package into ePO, why do I have to remove the extension from the package to then import it into the extensions area?

Any issues metnioned involving websites has been replicated under IE7, IE8, Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5 across several machines running WinXP, WinVista, and Win7.

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RE: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

Hear hear! Spot on.

They could also use a Twitter account to notify of updates, as some other vendors do.

We should also add a gripe about QA (despite their controlled releases we still have to deal with patches which do not even seem to have been alpha-, let alone beta-tested).

The controlled release process is a total failure; it does not appear to increase the quality of the product, and delays the release of critical hotfixes. Hint to McAfee, abandon quarterly release schedules, and release often. I'd rather that VSE 8.7i was up to patch 30 and working than have the abysmal mess we have now.

Why did we have to wait so long for the release of VSE 8.7i Patch 1, when the original product was unusable?

Didn't anybody test VSE 8.7i Patch 2 with the 5300 engine or MA 4.5? From a customer's viewpoint, it doesn't seem like it.

McAfee needs to spend less money on marketing and arrogant spin and more on software quality and customer support.


Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

Here's another feature McAfee can add to the "McAfee TODO list" 

Create a new automated process for antivirus exclusions. You guys give me HEADACHES with all the research I have to do on this topic. Systems administrators are too busy in survival mode to handle this all the time.



  • Ideally in EPO but a website will work for now


  • Selects from a drop down listing of OS's, Applications listed by version, build, patch level etc...


  • Automated Antivirus Exclusion Report(s) with technical references, legal disclaimers, etc...
  • Did I mention the reports are customized for each person


Happy Customers and hell, you probably could charge a few for the reports. Naturally you will be using my idea and I will want my share of the cash...

Royality Fees - Yes, I have lots of ideas for your products and I do accept $$$$$

Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

Thanks for your detailed feedback, Brentil. I'm responsible for the customer facing Support websites for McAfee, ServicePortal being one of them. I'm working on building requirements for the next release of the site, and the good news is most of your points are already addressed in our planning. Top of the list is improving our customer experience with downloads of updates and patches and proactive customer notifications. I'll ensure each of your items below are included in this process.

As for your issues with patches themselves, I will forward this to the appropriate resources at McAfee.

Thanks again for your valuable and well thought out feedback.

Greg Sanders

Director, Global Online Services

McAfee Inc.

Reliable Contributor brentil
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

Greg, I greatly appreciate your reply on this subject.  We've been voicing these issues to our sales reps and technical reps whenever we talk to them but it always just felt like it was falling of deaf ears.  It is very nice to see this issues being acknowledged and worked on.

Reliable Contributor brentil
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

A very good example of the issue with Extensions and Patches themselves can be seen from the Windows 7 control issues we've helped several users with.  We're talking about confused administrators too and not end users.

The 4.0 P3 Extension is in the website under Downloads as McAfee Agent 4.0 Extension Patch 3 which you then check into Extensions.

8.7 P2 Extension is inside of the P2 zip file, you have to extract it
and check it into the Extensions area manually. It's the file in that zip, which you'll also want to unzip and
check in the Reports file too,

The MAgent
4.5 Extension is in the Grants download area under the McAfee Agent
4.5.0 heading as the file which you then check into
the Extensions area.
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Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

When I've asked about getting notifications when patches and updates come out for the products we own, I've been told that that kind of service is only for Platinum customers.  I wonder if anyone here has platinum support and whether that has made a difference in email notifications for patch releases.

It seems every problem I've run into during the last few months, I've been told I'd need to have platinum support to get the tool that solves the problem.  It has happened twice in the last three months.  If platinum support is basically required to use the products, then it should be what is sold from the start.

Reliable Contributor brentil
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

We've been asking about this for over 1.5 years and we've never been informed that Platinum gets you notifications...

Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed


Thanks for the feedback. We are working on adding alert notifications for all corporate customers, not just Platinum. It will allow you to "opt in" for different levels of alerts, one being product updates. We'll post links to this service on the ServicePortal and in the community when we launch it. The first phase should be in the next month or two.



Re: Issues we have with McAfee we would like to see addressed

Its a real shame that ePO cannot be configured to download all customer entitlements ready to be checked in to ePO repository, or at least post this info to the ePO dashboard

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