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unable to find a valid repository, VSE 8.7i not updating

Hi to all,

Good day!

Just wanted to share the problem I encountered on some of my systems managed by ePO 4.0. Some machines were unable to get updates from the ePO server. Getting updates from the McAfee http site is not possible since machines are connected via IPVPN to the ePO server. The strange thing is when i try to reinstall the agent and the VSE 8.7i and AS 8.7 then do reinstall first the VSE 8.7i and 8.7 then secondly the Agent. Perform update via the VSE; Update now option; the update went through successfully. After i restart the unit again and test the agent and server connection, I again encountered the unable to find a valid repository error.

Hoping someone could help me on this. Attached herewith are agent logs and McScript of the machine that doesn't update.

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