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is it really safe to manage ENS 10.5 September updates if stuck with June's ENS 10.6 extensions?

Correct me if I am wrong but If you have ENS 10.6 checked in your evaluation branch then the extensions for it apply to "current" and "previous" branches...  Therefore if you are actually using ENS 10.5.4 it is impossible to import monthly updates for extensions because you will always have a higher version checked in already... even though it was published months before:

  • Example: McAfee's latest extensions for ENS 10.6 were published in June (3 months ago) since then ENS has required at least 3 mandatory updates due to security, the latest being However it is impossible to upgrade extension because version is already installed.

This makes me wonder, why is there monthly patches for ENS 10.5 and not for ENS 10.6...  ? Second, if McAfee felt the need to fix something in extensions for 10.5 how can I be confident those fixes already existed 3 months ago for 10.6 ... is it really safe to deploy and manage September security updates for ENS 10.5 when we are stuck with June's ENS 10.6 extensions? 

Things that make you go hummmmcafee.   Smiley Wink


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Re: is it really safe to manage ENS 10.5 September updates if stuck with June's ENS 10.6 extensions

I have the exact same concerns. I upgraded to 10.6 for some testing, and now none of the 10.5 extension hotfixes are able to be installed since 10.6 will always be the "more current" version.

I opened a ticket with McAfee for this and they claim that the extensions are backwards compatible, which is expected, but what about the tiny tweaks/fixes made to the 10.5 extensions that I am missing out on with the 10.6 extension from June?

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