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ePO ENS Endpoint Security Threat Prevention CSCRIPT.EXE exclusion


We recently migrated from VSE 8.8 to ENS 10.5.3 and now I am getting thousands of false positives such as: 

NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM ran CSCRIPT.EXE, which tried to access C:\WINDOWS\TEMP, violating the rule "Executing scripts by Windows script host (CScript.exe or Wscript.exe) from common user folders", and was blocked. For information on how to respond to this event, see KB85494.

Source File Path:


Target Hash:


Target Name:


Target Path:


Module Name:

Threat Prevention


My question is how to exclude this so it won't alert on this anymore? I looked into configuration guide and I just dont think exclusions work for me.. 😞



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