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batch File deployment using EEDK

Hello Guys,

I have simple batch file which should run on end system and store the output on local system. Code is as below (setup.bat)

@echo off

hostname > test.txt

ipconfig >> test.txt

I have created the the package using EEDK and pull the same in ePO

when run the same using Run Client Task Now, I get below error

Error occurred while installing SETUP11100

Verifying setup.bat

McScript_error.log says

ScrptExe  Failed to invoke the application - error:  193

McScript.log says

ScrptMgr   Verifying setup.bat.
ScrptExe  Running "C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\Current\SETUP11100\Install\0000\setup.bat"
ScrptExeDid not match searched path

ScrptMgrVerifying catalog.z.
ScrptExeError trace:

let us know if anyone of you knows how to deploy simple batch like shown above using mcafee epo and EEDK.



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