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Windows password reset


I have a corporate PC with windows 7 installed and McAfee Endpoint Encryption (safeboot).

My problem is that I have lost my windows passwords. I still have the encryption password so I can decrypt the disk and enter windows logon, but then I'm stuck.

Normally I would use a linux bootable drive to get to the Windows SAM file and reset my passwords, but this can't be done while the system is encrypted.

I tried chainloading the safeboot MBR from an external linux drive, to see if I might be able to decrypt the disk before loading linux, but with no success.

Is there any tool or solution to my problem?

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Re: Windows password reset

Did you ever find a solution? I have the same issue.


McAfee ePO Support Center Plug-in
Check out the new McAfee ePO Support Center. Simply access the ePO Software Manager and follow the instructions in the Product Guide for the most commonly used utilities, top known issues announcements, search the knowledgebase for product documentation, and server status and statistics – all from within ePO.