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What needs to be excluded for Windows containers to work

Per multiple articles on Internet as well me just disabling "On Access" scan on my system I can conclude that MES prevents Windows containers from running properly. Symantec already fixed the issue but issue is still present in MES. What needs to be excluded for this to work?

MES 10.5

PS D:\docker\test> docker-compose up

Pulling web (portainer/portainer:latest)...

latest: Pulling from portainer/portainer

bce2fbc256ea: Already exists

3ac17e2e6106: Pull complete

cf1ae3e8a7ec: Pull complete

a9628627fc1e: Pull complete

a63c73d47ded: Pull complete

ba7d44121dc9: Pull complete

92b8b9c61951: Extracting [==================================================>]    947 B/947 B

ERROR: failed to register layer: rename C:\ProgramData\Docker\image\windowsfilter\layerdb\tmp\write-set-618223135 C:\ProgramData\Docker\image\windowsfilter\lay

erdb\sha256\09f461127b8acc1ca77a447b3faaae27086d298a732d7301ce144338a4453501: Access is denied.